Azmark Aero Systems

Azmark Aero Systems was created when two exceptional companies merged in July 2010. The combination of Astrotronics LLC, a precision production machining company and M-DOT Aerospace, a developer of light weight power systems and aircraft subsystems, created an integrated developer and manufacturer of aerospace systems. Azmark draws upon the combined resources of both organizations to provide our customers with an integrated manufacturing capability from design / development of machined parts, assemblies or sophisticated sub-systems through full scale production of those parts, assemblies and sub-systems.

Astrotronics brought high precision machining capabilities to Azmark with the ability to hold tolerances within 50 millionths of an inch (0.000050"). Astrotronics also contributed a state-of-the-art temperature and humidity controlled 40,000 sq. ft. facility custom designed for efficient manufacturing. With a robust ERP system, highly trained, experienced and motivated employees, Astrotronics brought significant capabilities to Azmark.

M-DOT Aerospace brought experience and engineering expertise to Azmark. As a boutique design and development house, M-DOT had an award-winning international reputation for engineering expertise in gas turbine design, high-speed rotordynamics, burner design, compressor design and complete turbopump system development. With a track record of success that included development of two twin-spool turboprop engines for the Army, two hypersonic ramjet turbopumps for DARPA and many other projects for government and commercial agencies, M-DOT engineers contributed a "rapid prototype" and "concept to production" capability to Azmark.

By blending the capabilities of Astrotronics and M-DOT, Azmark Aero Systems has become an integrated developer and manufacturer of precision machine parts, component assemblies and complete sub-systems for the aviation and aerospace industries.

Current Status
Today, Azmark combines precision aerospace CNC machining with engineering services to provide unique solutions to our customers needs. Azmark specializes in “complex” parts and assemblies with Tier 1 approved supplier status to many major aircraft and equipment OEMs. By combining our strong track record with a commitment to quality and delivery, we Certified to ISO9001, AS9100 & AS9110 requirements. Highly skilled, non-union personnel with average of 18 years of experience