Power Systems

Azmark’s Award winning engineering team is known throughout the industry as a leader in the development of small and microscale turbomachinery systems. Our experience in a variety of disciplines enables us to tackle a wide range of aircraft subsystem design problems. Examples included below.

UAV Powerplant System Design and Development
  • TPR60: 60 HP UAV Turboprop Heavy Fuel Engine (HFE)

  • 4KW – 10KW Generator: Light weight (10lbs) Heavy Fuel Turbine Powered Generator
  • 300 Watt – 500 Watt Man Portable Generator: Generator utilizing the worlds smallest turbojet engine. Entire system is less than 2 lbs.

  • DARPA Microturbojet UAV engine
  • US Navy FastHawk Missile Turbopump and Hydraulic Power Supply
  • US Navy/DARPA HyFly Missile Turbopump

  • Aerospace Sub-System Development
  • 25 KW Current Limiter
  • Radar Station Gearmotor Drive
  • Titanium APU Mount Assembly

  • Gearbox/Bearing Systems
  • High Speed Turboprop Gearbox
  • 40,000 RPM Supercritical CO2 Pump

  • Quality Test Management
  • FAA Qualification of Aircraft Start-Current Limiters for Boeing and Gulfstream
  • FAA Qualification Tests for an Aircraft Noise Suppressor for Gulfstream
  • FAA Qualification of Helicopter Exhaust Ducts
  • Military Qualification of Research Flight Test System

  • Aero/Thermo Design
  • Complete gas Turbine Engines for the Navy, Army, Air Force and DARPA
  • Complete Missile Pump Systems
  • Aircraft and UAV Turbochargers for the Air Force.
  • High Altitude Gas Turbines for DARPA
  • Compressor Design
  • Supersonic Inlet Impulse Turbines

  • Azmark’s Engineering team has designed and developed many proprietary products including the world’s smallest operable gas turbine engine. Please call for further information: 1 480 926 8969 or e-mail us.